Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2005 ASME Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the Dynamic Response of Materials Technical Committee, Applied Mechanics Division, ASME

November 7, 2005

2005 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition, Room Europe 9, DisneyWorld Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

The meeting was called to order by Weinong “Wayne” Chen at 11:02 am


Florin Bobaru University of Nebraska fbobaru2@unl.edu
Wayne Chen Purdue University wchen@purdue.edu
Ruqiang Feng University of Nebraska rfeng1@unl.edu
Philippe Geubelle University of Illinois geubelle@uiuc.edu
Bruce LaMattina ARO bruce.lamattina@us.army.mil
Spandan Maiti Michigan Tech. University spandan@mtu.edu
Jean-Francois Molinari Johns Hopkins University molinari@jhu.edu
Mick Peterson University of Maine michael.peterson@maine.edu
Mrinal C. Saha Tuskegee University msaha@tuskegee.edu
Murat Vural Illinois Institute of Technology vural@iit.edu
L. Roy Xu Vanderbilt University l.roy.xu@vanderbilt.edu

The meeting proceeded according to the agenda

The minutes of the IMECE 04 meeting were approved.

DRM symposia at IMECE 05 meeting: Ruqiang Feng reported that the two DRM-sponsored sessions on dynamic failure that took place on Sunday were well attended, with about 25 people in attendance. L. Roy Xu reported a similar success for his session on the dynamic response of composite materials that also took place on Sunday. Mrinal C. Saha of Tuskegee University organized one session on cellular materials for this meeting and also reported a successful session.

Relevant symposia at future meetings. 1) The 15th US Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics will take place on June 25-30, 2006 in Boulder, CO. The congress website is http://usnctam06.colorado.edu/. Contact the organizers if you are interested in submitting a proposal for a symposium. 2) Florin Bobaru (fbobaru2@unl.edu) is organizing a symposium on Advances in Computing the Dynamic Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials as part of the WCCM2006 that will take place in Los Angeles on (web site: http://www.wccm2006.northwestern.edu/). The deadline is November 15, 2005.

The 2006 IMECE will be held in Chicago, IL, on November 4-10, 2006. Four symposia were proposed. M. Vural proposed a 4-session symposium on Dynamic Response of Cellular Solids and Soft Tissues. W. Chen, A. M. Rajendran and S. Maiti proposed a 4-session symposium on Impact and Shock Response of Materials. I. Chasiotis and B. LaMattina would like to organize a 2-session symposium on Dynamic Properties of MEMS, Interfaces and Multilayer Structures. Finally, L. R. Xu and M. C. Saha requested 2 sessions for a symposium on Dynamic Behavior of Composite Materials.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.

Minutes respectfully submitted by P. H. Geubelle

Officers of Dynamic Response of Materials Committee

Weinong Wayne Chen
Purdue University
(765) 494-1788

Vice Chair:
Michael "Mick" Peterson
University of Maine
(207) 581-2129

Philippe Geubelle